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Connect & Protect Your Fleet with
MiX Telematics AI Dashcams

Get 10:1 ROI with MiX fleet dashcam
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MiX Vision AI Dashcam
Connect and Protect Your Fleet with MiX Telematics: trusted by over
200,000 consumers and fleet customers and over 2 million drivers.

Using Machine vision and AI dual-facing dashcams to monitor, manage and correct:
lane change
Driver performance like speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration and harsh cornering
driver on the phone
Risky driving behaviors like fatigue, distraction, cellphone usage, seatbelt usage, lane departure, forward collision and following distance
MiX Vision AI works in any type of vehicle – trucks, vans, cars, buses and more.
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Connect Your Fleet for Full
Visibility & 10:1 ROI
Machine vision & AI video is combined with in-depth vehicle and driver telemetry to provide unparalleled fleet insight and full visibility of location, risk, safety and, ultimately, creates outstanding cost efficiency and safety peace of mind for fleet executives.

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MiX Vision AI Gives You Ultimate Insight &
Visibility into Your Vehicles and Drivers

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We rely heavily on MiX Solution to help us keep tabs on our vehicles and staff, and to ensure everyone is driving safely.
5 stars
Bobby Frisch, Co-Owner,
Frisch & Sons
Fleet Size: 8 Trucks
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